Palisade Glacier High School

Essential Schoolwide Learning Results



  • Finish what you begin
  • Keep working even when you feel like quitting
  • Work to improve on those things you are not good at, YET
  • Figure out what you need to do to succeed in school and graduate—and do it!

Grow Character

  • Behave in ways that make this a better school
  • Be honest and appropriate with self and others
  • Work hard to find positive ways to solve problems

Have Self-Control

  • Remain calm even when criticized or provoked
  • Pay attention and resist distractions
  • Come prepared and get to work right away

Show Respect

  for Self

  • The grades and credit you earn reflect your best effort
  • Be an active participant in your education
  • Take initiative to prepare yourself for graduation and beyond

  for Others

  • Help make this a school where everyone can succeed
  • Be polite to adults and peers 
  • Express appreciation by saying thank you

  for Environment

  • Participate in keeping the campus trash free
  • Conserve, Reuse and Recycle