# of COVID cases by school site based on last date of potential exposure

(August 19, 2021 to present)

Total # of student/staff cases: 125

(101 students, 24 staff)

*50 new cases from 10/1 - 10/20

*multiple cases pending/unverified

# resulting in school-based exposure: 104

Total # of staff close contacts: 395

Total # of student close contacts: 5,915

# of verified school-based transmissions: undetermined

*Since Oct 1, BUSD has experienced a significant increase in COVID activity which suggests that transmission is likely occurring both on and off campus. The District continuously communicates with Public Health close contact tracing to receive and provide more information re: potential school-based transmission.

# of COVID-related local hospitalizations for children under age 18: 0

CA vs Inyo rates

Graph: CA vs. Inyo COVID Cases

updated 11/29/21

as of 11/29/21

Total # of cases: 125 BES: 47 HSMS: 33 BUHS: 41 Other: 4

School graphs

Inyo County Active COVID Cases ('21-'22 school year)

NEW cases (as of 11/24/21)

Inyo County Public Health COVID Update (11/24/21)


(2020 - 2021 School Year Historical Data)

Covid Cases

Covid Cases

Covid Cases

Covid Cases