# of COVID cases by school site based on last date of potential exposure

(August 19, 2021 to present)

Total # of student/staff cases: 29

(25 students, 4 staff)

# resulting in school-based exposure: 19

Total # of staff close contacts: 82

Total # of student close contacts: 1,106

# of verified school-based transmissions: 3

*It is possible that there have been more than 3 school-based transmissions. The District is communicating with Public Health close contact tracing to receive and provide more information re: potential school-based transmission.

# of COVID-related local hospitalizations for children under age 18: 0

updated 9/21/21

as of 9/21/21

Inyo County Active COVID Cases ('21-'22 school year)

Inyo County Public Health COVID Update (9/20/21)

NYT Inyo County COVID Tracker (as of 9/21/21)


(2020 - 2021 School Year Historical Data)

Covid Cases

Covid Cases

Covid Cases

Covid Cases