Contact our Athletic Director, Stacy Van Nest, if you have any questions regarding the Athletic Program at Bishop Union High School.  She can be reached at 760-873-4275, ext. 2726 or via email, svannest@bishopschools.org.

SPRING SCHEDULES (Updates or rescheduling will be announced via our daily bulletin and local radio stations).  

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PLANNING ON TRYING OUT FOR SPRING SPORTS (TRACK, BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, GOLF)? Please make sure your sports physical is complete before conditioning/tryouts/practice. Being “Benched” or on the side-line is not the optimal place to be when competing for a position on a team! 

BRONCO ATHLETES!   Your grades & daily attendance are important to remain eligible to participate in practice or a game! Remember, being a BRONCO athlete is a privilege, not a right. Thank you for your commitment to the rigors of being a BRONCO ATHLETE!!

  • If you are taking a sick day or going home sick, you are not permitted to attend practice (or a game) that day.
  • If you have a Doctor appointment, a Doctor’s note is imperative to remaining eligible for practice (or a game) that day.
  • On Travel Days and Game Days, you must remain in all classes (no tardies) all day or until your departure time
  • .Your attendance at school the day after a game (Home or Away) is important and also monitored.
  • Detentions!  You must serve as assigned and any conflicts with practice and game days must be discussed with Mr. Moisant.

Myers-Stevens, Toohey Student Insurance     Student Accident Insurance is now more important than ever. Despite your best efforts to protect them, students get hurt and out-of-pocket expenses for medical care can be significant.  If your student is already covered, your current plan has a large deductible and/or you want to be able to see the doctor that YOU choose . . . visit thier website (www.myers-stevens.com) for find more information on options or pick up an information packet in the BUHS main office.