If you are going to be participating in BRONCO ATHLETICS, you must complete a PHYSICAL PACKET prior to participating in any athletic activity (workouts, training, pre-season practice, summer tournaments, etc.).  Form E (Physical examination) is valid for one calendar year from the date of the physical exam.  However, a 20-21 packet must still be completely filled out with required signatures and on file in the main office.  

If you have any questions, please email our Athletic Director, Mrs. Stacy Van Nest ([email protected]).

BRONCO ATHLETES!   Your grades & daily attendance are important to remain eligible to participate in practice or a game! Remember, being a BRONCO athlete is a privilege, not a right. Thank you for your commitment to the rigors of being a BRONCO ATHLETE!!

  • If you are taking a sick day or going home sick, you are not permitted to attend practice (or a game) that day.
  • If you have a Doctor appointment, a Doctor’s note is imperative to remaining eligible for practice (or a game) that day.
  • On Travel Days and Game Days, you must remain in all classes (no tardies) all day or until your departure time
  • .Your attendance at school the day after a game (Home or Away) is important and also monitored.
  • Detentions!  You must serve as assigned and any conflicts with practice and game days must be discussed with Mr. Moisant.

Myers-Stevens, Toohey Student Insurance     Student Accident Insurance is now more important than ever. Despite your best efforts to protect them, students get hurt and out-of-pocket expenses for medical care can be significant.  If your student is already covered, your current plan has a large deductible and/or you want to be able to see the doctor that YOU choose . . . visit their website (www.myers-stevens.com) for find more information on options, pick up an information packet in the BUHS main office or click on the links below!

20-21 Insurance information

20-21 Insurance information (espanol)