Guidelines for Obtaining Drivers Permit/Drivers License:

Drivers Training Instructors: Mr. Davis (1st Semester) or Mrs. Frigerio (2nd Semester)

Please call Mrs. Frigerio to schedule Drivers Training

(760) 937-3783

  1. Complete a DRIVERS EDUCATION ONLINE COURSE - you will receive a PINK CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION FORM in the mail. (Examples:,, )

  2. After you have received your pink certificate of completion and you are 15 1/2 and 1 Day old, you may take your permit test at the DMV. We recommend an online appointment.

  3. After you have passed the permit test, you will attend a FIRST LESSON CLASS with us before you begin driving with your parent/guardian. We will not drive with you, but we will discuss important information, your goals and hours and we will sign your permit at this time. BOTH THE STUDENT AND THE PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST BE PRESENT AT THIS FIRST LESSON. Please see below regarding FIRST LESSON CLASS DATES/TIMES as they are subject to change depending on school calendar, room availability, etc.

  4. Begin driving with your PARENT/GUARDIAN:

  • Your first 3-5 hours of driving should be on paved back roads to become familiar with all operations of the vehicle (lights, blinkers, windshield wipers, defrost, etc...)

  • Transition to Roads with other vehicles and focus on safety and awareness of other drivers while operating your vehicle.

  • Complete a MINIMUM OF 50 HOURS OF DRIVING (About 20-30 minutes/day for 4-5 months; you MUST track your hours on the ROAD READY APP hours to verify you have completed 50 hours of driving. Road Ready App

  1. You may now sign up for BEHIND THE WHEEL DRIVERS TRAINING at Bishop Union High School. Contact Mr. Davis at (760) 873-4275 x2754 (First semester of the school year) TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. This is REQUIRED to take the DMV Driver's License Exam, unless you are 18 years old. You will be REQUIRED to show your ROAD READY APP hours to verify you have completed 50 hours of driving.

  2. Fees are $200.00 for IN-DISTRICT Students $250.00* for OUT OF THE DISTRICT STUDENTS. Cash or checks can be payable to BUHS. *Any district bills must be paid in full prior to receiving drivers training.


(First Lesson)



WHEN: WEDNESDAYS @ 3:45 SHARP in the BUHS Auto Shop

Due to the Winter Holiday's Next Signing class will be January 10th, 2024.

(When school is in session) Subject to change; please check with Bishop Union High School daily bulletin or the main office before attending. Late attendees will not be permitted

WHERE: BUHS AUTO SHOP (Main office will direct you on where to go)

WHAT: You will receive a ONE HOUR INSTUCTION for students and Parent/Guardian regarding next steps in the process of obtaining your license.