Harassment/ Bullying Policy

The BUSD and staff of HSMS are committed to providing an educational environment free of unlawful harassment and/or bullying.

Unlawful harassment because of sex, sexual orientation, race, ancestry, physical or mental disability, age, or any other protected basis includes, but is not limited to:

  • verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory comments, slurs, or unwanted sexual advances, invitations, or comments

  • visual conduct such as derogatory posters, photography, cartoons, drawings, or gestures

  • physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, blocking normal movement, or interfering with academic performance or progress

  • retaliation for having reported or threatened to report harassment

  • cyberbullying, which includes but is not limited to, harassment through e-mail, social media such Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, ASKfm, TikTok, etc.

  • In addition to California Civil Code (§51.9; CA Ed. Code §212.5, §220, §231.5, §45), students are protected by CA Ed Code §48900.4 and CA Ed Code §48900(r) which prohibit any form of harassment, protected-basis or other, that impairs the educational environment or students’ emotional well-being at school.

Moreover, the harassing behavior does not need to take place during school hours or on the school campus. Students, who think they are being harassed because of their sex, sexual orientation, race, ancestry, or other protected basis should report the behavior to the administration immediately.