Palisade glacier HIgh school

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Respect Self

Practice Self Control - remain calm even when criticized or provoked, pay attention and resist distractions, come prepared and get to work right away

Persevere - finish what you begin, keep working even when you feel like quitting, work to improve on things you are not good at YET, figure out what you need to do to succeed in school and beyond - and do it!

Respect Others

Demonstrate Character - be honest and fair with others, express gratitude, have the courage to admit you made a mistake

Solve problems - work with others to solve problems rather than creating a bigger problem, take responsibility for your actions, right your wrongs

Respect the Environment

Contribute to your Community - behave in ways that make this a better school and world, be an active and contributing member of society

Leave a place better than you found it - conserve, reuse & recycle