4th graders Write History

Mrs. Vandehoven's 4th grade students wrote letters to the editors of Studies Weekly, which is our social studies curriculum, about how they would like to read more perspectives and would like to learn more about indigenous peoples in their history curriculum. According to Mrs. Vandehoven:

It has been a really positive experience for the students to see how they can use their voices to create positive change in the world around them. Studies Weekly is now currently majorly renovating their curriculum...and they reach 5 million students in the nation. In class, we will be team-writing some articles about local tribes, which will actually be included in the new curriculum.

Huge thank you to: Mrs. Vandehoven and her class, Jones, Monte Bengochia, Meryl Picard, Ms. Josie Rogers, Ms. Kellie Coleman, Sage Romero, and Dr. Carter and Chris Stott from Studies Weekly for their support.